It's Christmaaaaasssss!

We hear the bells even if  we don’t see them.

Those Hallmark and Lifetime movies almost seem bearable. 

We see the star, even if it has been gone for thousands of years. 

We wish for all our families to get along just for one day.


Because Santa’s on his way….

 He’s bringing lots of toys….


Bright lights on cold winter streets

 Driving past houses which bloom like bulbs at the incorrect weather.


Kids are riding bicycles in the street

 Because there’s no snow at their feet.

 The lights are bright as your whisper flashes into the night.


Quiet wishes from young and old,

 Wonder where they can find some mistletoe.

 Carols sung, stockings hung,

 Waiting quietly for a roof-top step.


It’s just that one time we need to see

 The wind rustle from the feet to the knees.

 Bunch up the blankets and peer from the top,

 It’s happening!

 What are you waiting for?

 Christmas is here!


The giggles, the laughter.

 Silence before the winter’s dawn.

 Wake up! – Sleep! – No! – Wake up!

 The world is changed before your eyes.


Your children are older.

 But they are young in their eyes.

 Holding their presents like a box of thunder,

 They shake the bomb, dismantle it

 Then it’s all over.


We crawl back into our winter catacombs

 Our toys aren’t enough.

 It’s just Christmas that makes the weight bearable.


Waiting for the next show of lights

 The next card, the next list of paper

 Which wishes for things yet not invented.


There is mist in the summer

 Showering “Happy Christmas”!


Let us swim in the joy we share in the cold,

 Lie beneath a star from a story very old.

 Dream a dream of laughter, loved ones and fun,

 Christmas is here!  It’s gone!

 It has only just begun.