Random Thoughts and Images Regarding Yours Truly

25 Things About Adam Koeppe That Are Either Complete and Total Lies or 100 Percent True
Are you ready, boys and girls? Let's go down the rabbit hole...

1. I am very conscious that students snoop all over the internet looking for juice on teachers and parents. If you're looking for sordid stories regarding debauchery and intoxication - ya ain't finding them here. However, this form of self-censureship has made me a much better writer.

2. I attempted a coup of the student english club in college but was unsuccessful. Hey, at least I can say I attempted a coup.

3. I was (and still probably am) very good at Street Fighter II for Super Nintendo, to the extent where I could beat people with my eyes closed. This made several people angry.

4. I am a messy person who always likes to know where everything is. This worked more or less until the 2 kids. Can you say "ironic punishment"?

5. I can't stand stupid people, that is people who are un-curious,lazy and can't even change a light bulb without asking for help. One of the many reasons I love the Darwin Awards.

6. My "Class of 93" sweatshirt is still hanging in my parents closet and has never been worn.

7. When I was 23, I hurt my back and found out I had scoliosis, which was supposed to have been diagnosed when I was a kid. At least I never had to wear the back brace thing.

8. I have been asked on several occasions to run for public office. I have always refused.

9. I cheated on the stock market game in 11th grade through insider trading. I paid off several seniors to tell me when the market would crash.

10. I won a cruise by correctly identifying the drum beat to Chris Montez's "Let's Dance." When asked by the Kool 108 DJ's how someone so young (I was 24 then) could know 60's music so well, I replied on air "I'm an oldies junkie."

11. One of my exes died within a year after I broke up with her. I still find that slightly disturbing.

12. I have a singing Saddam Hussein toy. He used to dance also but I don't know how to fix it. He sings the chorus of "the Witch Doctor".

13. I still find it ironic that I substitute teach at HLWW and am always worried that I won't get to do it again. That said, I enjoyed the days I've taught so much I will remember them forever.

14. I collect music obsessively and am always listening to new things. At one time, I had most of the Beatles and Stones catalog on vinyl, cassette and cd. Probably the closest I'll get to a "triple crown".

15. I have a near-photographic memory which is both a blessing and a curse.

16. When I hold my kids, I tend to question my ablility as a father. I don't want to disappoint them or lose their love.

17. I spent my 30th birthday in the mosh pit at a Libertines concert. One of the best shows I've ever seen or been a part of.

18. I was once dragged to Lilith Fair. Easily the worst show I've ever seen or been a part of (and that includes Cinderella).

19. I don't regret any of the decisions I've made in my life, just people I've hurt along the way or lost touch with.

20. I always take time to look at the stars when I'm out at night. Currently Orion is quite visible on a clear night.

21. I've been told I'm a good singer and dancer, though I rarely do either.

22. I only dream if I'm happy, content or hopeful.

23. I've watched "Little House on the Prairie" way too much. Still on three hours a day on the Hallmark Channel.

24. I once special-ordered a can of "Billy Beer" with a flea market dealer. He delivered it to me personally.

25. I don't dwell on the past, I just question it's relationship to the present and future.
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